Momofuku x TTC

Did our subway ad of our Pork Ramen make you hungry? Stop by to try some! We are located at Osgoode or St. Andrew subway stations – find us in the middle at 190 University Avenue. We are right beside the Shangri La Hotel where the giant silver sculpture lives. You can’t miss us!

Momofuku is a restaurant group founded by David Chang. In Toronto, we are proud to have two restaurants, Noodle Bar and Kojin.

Noodle Bar is the only restaurant of the same name from New York City. It is run by Executive Chef, Hans Vogels, and is on the first and second floors. The menu features a large format fried chicken meal, bowls of ramen and a roster of dishes like steamed buns and rice cakes. It also includes an extensive beverage list ranging from beers to wines to cocktails.

We’re open for lunch and dinner seven days a week.

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Chef Hans Vogels

After trying his hand at military life, Hans moved to Ontario in the late ‘90s for an apprenticeship at The Church Restaurant. Several years later, he made his way to downtown Toronto to work for the likes of Susur Lee and Marc Thuet. One weekend, Hans ran into Momofuku alumnus Mitch Bates on a recruiting trip—and he’s been at Noodle Bar ever since. Likes: heavy music, swear words, soccer, the Toronto Raptors, and American muscle cars. Dislikes: boat rocking, gum chewing, and warm beer.


Learn How It's Made

The ad you’ve seen on the TTC showcases one of our mainstay items, the Pork Ramen.

At Noodle Bar we try our best to serve customers with an experience unlike any other. We make our ramen from scratch, include local ingredients, provide superior service, feature a range of wine and beer selections, and offer alternative menu options to those that, dare we say it, don’t like ramen.

Unlike other restaurants in Toronto, Chef Hans Vogels prepares a “clean” version of broth that doesn’t include fats. Here’s how he makes the Pork Ramen:

  1. We make our broth and seasoning at the same time. To make our broth, we:
    1. Roast pork and chicken bones until they’re golden brown
    2. Meanwhile we make a pot of the broth base by adding shiitake mushrooms, daikon, radish and green onion with a kombuchea
    3. We then pour this broth into the roasted bones and boil it overnight
  2. Simultaneously we make the tare. We make this by starting with searing medium rare smoked pork. When it sticks to the pan, we add sake, mirin, and soy sauce.
  3. To plate the pork ramen, we add a portion of ramen noodles until they’re done and add it to the broth and add the tare for seasoning and flavour.
  4. We add the pork belly1 which is also separately cooked slowly overnight, fish cake, scallion, momo sauce2 (which is a flavour bomb) and an egg.

1Belly is made with salt, pepper, sugar. It sits overnight. Then it’s cooked the following day, low and slow.
2Momo Sauce is smoked and rendered pork fat, garlic and chillies.


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