Grow. Learn. Win. Repeat. Momofuku believes in learning and self-improvement. We have a dedicated department to bring learning and development opportunities to all employees so that they can grow with us, discover new interests, and share new ideas.


We value internal growth and believe in creating a path for all employees to become industry leaders. Momofuku offers training programs and workshops to support employees in their current role and for future opportunities.


We encourage our employees to continuously learn by participating in Momofuku’s field trips, classes, workshops, and scholarship program. Field trips are opportunities to connect with friends and partners of Momofuku’s community, while interactive classes promote hands on learning led by Momofuku’s chefs and managers.

Our scholarship program allows employees to dive into an area of interest that will also benefit their fellow Momofuku peers. If you have an interest in staging in a kitchen in the UK, taking an intensive wine class, or spending time on a farm upstate, we encourage you to apply.