We're big on education and development around here. As Momofuku continues to grow, we encourage all employees to utilize our programs to grow with us. Momo.edu is an opportunity for all employees to think critically, discover new interests, and share new ideas. Momo.edu is comprised the Leadership Series, Behind the Scenes, and Peaches for Peaches.


We value internal growth and believe in creating a path for all employees to become industry leaders. Momofuku offers training programs and workshops for all levels of Management. Leadership offerings include rotational programs, Sous Sessions, Crucial Conversations, and additional management training.


We encourage our employees to continuously learn by participating in Momofuku’s field trips, interactive classes, fireside chats, and workshops. Field trips are opportunities to connect with friends and partners of Momofuku’s community, while interactive classes promote hands on learning lead by Momofuku’s chefs and managers.

We also explore inventive topics within the hospitality industry by hosting guest speakers and panels for the Momofuku family. We encourage our employees to think unconventionally. There’s no better way to start than hearing it first-hand from industry innovators.


We believe in giving back and getting involved. Team members can volunteer for opportunities offered by Momofuku or of their own choosing. We offer paid time off hours to all those who participate. We’re always happy to help our employees give back to the community we take from.


We offer educational freedom to explore outside the walls of Momofuku. Our scholarship program allows employees to dive into an area of interest that will also benefit their fellow Momofuku peers. If you have an interest in staging in a kitchen in the UK, taking an intensive wine class, or spending time on a farm upstate, we encourage you to apply. All employees are eligible to apply after 6 months of continuous employment. Scholarship winners share what they learned with their colleagues and managers by creating a presentation and teaching a class.