Whether talent stays with us or ventures out on their own, we are delighted to continuously support them. Interested in transitioning across FOH and BOH, quick service to full service? As a growing company, we provide opportunities to those who want to seek a new challenge in a different role or location. Additionally, we have alumni around the world that have continued careers outside of our Momofuku walls and are leaving imprints elsewhere.

Jave Guerrero

Runner / Server, Ssäm Bar

I was working at Mcdonalds when a friend of mine who was working at Noodle Bar asked if I wanted to work there. I started at Noodle Bar as a dishwasher then moved to Ssäm Bar and rose to prep cook. The chef eventually asked if I wanted to become a busser. I was nervous because I didn’t speak a word of English at the time. I had to ask my buddies what “tap water” was! At the time, I split my time as a busser at Ssäm Bar and a prep cook at Má Pêche. Later, I stuck at Ssäm Bar as a busser/runner and eventually became a runner full time, expoing on occasion. After extensive training, I am now a server and continuously learning about wines and beverages – something I have always wanted to learn more about.

This one dish at Ssäm a long time ago. It was pork, pickled cauliflower, golden raisins and whiskey. When something is that good, you keep remembering it, you know? Right now on the menu, I like the sardine on toast.

Max Ng

Executive Chef, Ssäm Bar

I actually met with with Momofuku’s HR team while I was a student at the Culinary Institute of America. I was persistent to work at Ko and Ssäm Bar. After a few months of emailing, I came down to New York City with my backpack, knives, and chef coat and went to Ssäm Bar. I told them that I wanted to work there for my externship, and they immediately responded, “start next week”. During my 18 week externship, I guess I made a good impression. I then started at Ko as commis for 4 months and later moved up to the line. A year and a half later, I became Chef De Cuisine at Ko and in 2017, I became the Executive Chef at Ssäm Bar.

Calvados cask-aged cidre dupont reserve, Ssäm Sauce, a 1st batch sample jar of jalapeno-almond Hozon from the Momofuku lab, and Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.