Activating dine in and tableside service should only begin upon clearance and guidance from the local or state government. Employees and guests should continue to practice social distancing and wear safety equipment when appropriate. Additional information can be found in the Dine In Steps of Service SOP.

Guest Communication
It is important to develop mutual trust with the guests and assure them that the restaurant prioritizes the safety of all parties above all else. Clearly communicating and managing expectations is key before the guests step through the door. Restaurants should include a guide to their modified safety procedures on their website, social media accounts, and reservation platforms to ensure that the safety guidelines are widely accessible. 

Put up signage around the restaurant to communicate proper guidelines for handwashing and sanitizing, queuing, and paying. 

Dining Room Flow & Physical Space
Restaurant operators should modify their floor plans to allow for safe social distancing and create a traffic flow map to dictate safe travel within the restaurant. Modified floor plans should be included in the training process and be posted for employees to reference throughout the restaurant. If possible, consider outdoor seating and increase the air circulation throughout the restaurant to minimize stagnant air.

Restaurant operators may need to reassess the storage of plates and glassware throughout the dining room to prevent idle contamination due to passing parties. 

Set up guest-facing disinfecting stations at guest entrances and restroom exteriors and provide clear signage on proper sanitizing procedures.

Service Standards
Single-use menus must be available for guests to use. Operators should also consider making their menus available digitally with a URL or QR code. 

Dining tables and counters must be fully cleaned and disinfected after each guest leaves and before another party is sat. Hosts must be notified when a table and its surrounding areas are cleaned and disinfected before seating a party. 

Dining tables and counters may not be preset with place settings prior to guest arrival. Guests should be given disinfected and cleaned glassware, plates, and pre-wrapped or contained flatware upon seating.

A Note on Hospitality: While restaurants must operate within enhanced safety guidelines and procedures, it is important to remember to provide outstanding hospitality and service. This may look different for each restaurant, but operators should find ways to creatively express care and attention while still abiding by social distancing and safety guidelines.